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Here are a selection of the productions I have been involved with.
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Short Films Top
Tie Breaker.
Two Trick Pony Productions 

Producer: Sam Cornish

Director: Joe Withers


Featuring: Rachel Bright, Jeremy Neumark Jones & Mike Manera.


A young east London couple attempt to salvage their relationship over a pub quiz in the local.

Middle Short Films Anchor
Domestic Policy.
Thin Man Films

Producer: Helen Grearson

Director: Alicia MacDonald


Featuring: Lesley Manville, Leo Bill, Peter Wight, Karl Johnson, Alex Macqueen & Nicholas Burns.


How should we control the women following the 1st World War?

Stills by: Rachel King

C4 Random Acts/ Nexus Studios

Producer: Greet Kallikorm

Director: Johnny Kelly


Featuring: Monica Dolan and Frank Bourke.


This black comedy charts the complicated and intense love that grows between a woman and a plant. It’s situated entirely inside one woman's apartment, in the weeks following her husband’s death.

Bottom Short Films Anchor
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