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Here are a selection of the productions I have been involved with.
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SHort Films Top Anchor
Everyday Stories Of Colossal Importance.
The Reel Walthamstow Moving Image Commission

Director: Sarah Mace- Dennis


Everyday Stories of Colossal Importance is a new short film being created as part of The Reel Walthamstow Moving Image Commission. 

Stories collected will inspire the characters, plot lines and settings for an eccentric and colourful film that combines powerful narratives with vivid imagery to turn every day experiences into magical worlds.


Middle Anchor
Indian Summer.
Old Rectory Films

Producer: Henrietta Fuller & Paul Hayes

Director: Toby Lomas



A politically incorrect love story featuring burning arrows, conkers and blackmailed dog walkers.



Bottom Anchor
Barnet Shuffle.
Nice One Films

Producer: Nicholas Keegan, Charlie Creed-Miles & Jesse Keegan

Director: Charlie Creed-Miles


Featuring: Mark Burdis, Charlie Creed-Miles, Steve Sweeney and Claire Goose.


A bald man tries to heal his ailment, but finds that the miracle potion he is taking has some peculiar side effects.


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