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Here are a selection of the productions I have been involved with.
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Top Anchor 1
Midnight Of My Life. (Pilot for a feature)
Very Nice Joe 

Producers: Hatty Hodgson & Pamela Drameh

Director: Phil Davis


Featuring: Martin Freeman, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Jack Baggs & Elliot Brown.


It's July 1985 and while Rock and Roll's great and good are strutting their stuff at Wembley, Steve Marriott is propping up the bar of a dingy pub in Putney waiting to play to a small crowd of boozers. While he waits for the rest of his band, bitter and drunk, an encounter with a young revival Mod restores Steve's faith.

Middle Anchor 1
Apprenticeship Of A Criminal. 
(Pilot for a feature)
Fly Films

Producer: Lisa Marie Russo

Director: Phillip Warnell


Pilot for a feature.

Bottom Anchor 1
Like A Virgin. (Pilot for a feature)
Fly Films

Producer: Kate Ogborn

Executive Producer: Lisa Marie Russo

Director: Catherine Shepherd


Featuring: Romola Garai and Mackenzie Crook.

A slightly chaotic supply teacher has to deal with the fact she has conceived immaculately and is carrying the son of God. Oh! And her name's Mary.

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