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Here are a selection of the productions I have been involved with.
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Top Anchor 1
Breakneck Films

Producers: Sam Callis & Louise-Gray Murray

Director: Jo Lewis


Featuring: Imogen Doel.


A women goes to stay in a remote beachside cabin and unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events with terrifying consequences.


Stills by: Laura Radford

Middle Anchor 2
BFI/ First Born Films

Producer: Carey Born

Director: Jonathan Romney


Featuring: Stephen Mangan and Amanda Ryan.

BIFA Nominated Best Short Film


A man becomes obsessed by the sight of his own double in an Italian film from the early 1960s.

L'Assenza, a short film backed by the BFI in association with Lighthouse.



Bottom Anchor 3
The Love Interest. (Pilot for a feature)
Wellington Films

Producer: Rachel Robey

Director: Saul Metzstein


Featuring: Ashley Jensen, Andrew Brooke, Andrew Bazely and Christine Bottomley.


A script editor finds that she can influence her own future.


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