Creation Stories
Burning Wheel Production
Dir: Nick Moran.
Producers: Danny Boyle, Orian Williams, Shelley Hammond, Ben Dillon
In Darkness
42 Films
Director: Anthony Byrne.
Producers: Ben Pugh and Anthony Morane-Griffiths
Babylon Season 1
Nightjack Ltd/ Channel 4
Directors: Jon S Baird and Sally El Hoisaini.
Producers: Robert Jones and Derrin Schlesinger.
Two Trick Pony Productions
Director: Joe Withers
Producer: Sam Cornish
Ashes To Ashes Season 3
Kudos/ BBC
Directors: Catherine Morshead, Ben Bolt & Philip John.
Burning Wheel Productions
Director: Nick Moran
Writer: Irvine Welsh
Ashes to Ashes Season 2
Kudos/ BBC
Directors: David Drury, Allrick Riley & Jamie Payne.
Domestic Policy
Thin Man Films
Producer: Helen Grearson
Director: Alicia MacDonald
C4 Random Acts/ Nexus
Director: Johnny Kelly
Producer: Greet Kallikorm
Midnight Of My Life
Nice Joe Films
Producers: Hatty Hodgson & Pamela Drameh
Director: Phil Davis
Breakneck Films
Producers: Sam Callis & Louise-Gray Murray
Director: Jo Lewis
Apprenticeship Of A Criminal
Fly Film Company Ltd
Producer: Lisa Marie Russo
Exec Producer: Kate Ogborn
Director: Phillip Warnell
Like A Virgin
Fly Films
Producer: Kate Ogborn
Director: Catherine Shepherd
BFI/ First Born Films
Producer: Carey Born
Director: Jonathan Romney
The Love Interest
Wellington Films
Producer: Rachel Robey
Director: Saul Metzstein
Everyday Stories
The Reel Walthamstow Moving Image Commission
Director: Sarah Mace- Dennis
FRANK - Joint & Wrappin
Producer: Paul McPadden
Director: James Rouse.
Professor Green
Producer: Sherry Collins
Directors: Ben & Greg
Indian Summer
Old Rectory Films
Producers: Henrietta Fuller & Paul Hayes
Director: Toby Lomas
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - I Spy
Producer: Sherry Collins
Directors: Ben & Greg
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